THE leader of Unidas Podemos in Andalusia supported Gibraltar’s right to self-determination when she met the Chief Minister today.

Teresa Rodriguez was keen to support cross-frontier workers in her visit to No.6 Convent Place this morning.

The comments by Rodriguez will help reassure Gibraltarians who will no longer be EU citizens as from tomorrow.

Podemos formed a coalition government with the PSOE to make Pedro Sanchez Prime Minister, with Rodriguez being their leader at regional level in the south of Spain.

She said that a Podemos MP had today asserted that the future of the Rock had to be decided by Gibraltarians.

“There is a section of the patriotic Spaniards that understands that sovereignty is a flag as opposed to everyone deciding what they can do with their lives,” said Rodriguez.

“That is also a right we want to give to the workers of the region.”

The obvious attack on the right-wing was made as the member of the anti-capitalist group within Podemos indicated her support for cross-frontier workers.

“We have received reassurances from the Government of Gibraltar that there is a plan which will be put into action over the coming months,” said Rodriguez.

“They have indicated they will protect workers’ rights with the UK and that is something we will be able to communicate to the workers of the area.”

Rodriguez led her party, Unidas Podemos, to 17 seats in the 2018 Andalusian elections and is currently their spokesperson.

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