RAGING comments have been directed at the video of a British Instagram influencer who filmed himself scaling an 11-storey block of flats in Benidorm.

‘English trash’ wrote one social media on a viral Facebook video of the British tourist as he photographed himself while clinging onto a wall 30m up from the pavement on calle Alfonso Puchades.

“Send him home and prohibit him from returning,” the user continued.

“People who are sick in bed fighting for their lives while this guy is throwing his away,” wrote another.

Alfonso Puchades

Geplaatst door Juan Carlos Ramirez Gomis op Zondag 2 februari 2020

The influencer’s Instagram channel @thelittlenuisance__ has been deactivated after photographs of the daredevil stunt emerged.

Other videos on the British man’s Facebook and YouTube accounts show him dangling from one hand 180m in the air.

Another shows him running around the top of chimney with a 160m drop on either side.

Other videos taken across Europe show the stuntman ridiculing security forces and fleeing police.

In a social media post made on January 1 the man wrote: “Posting this photo will probably get me sent back to court, but so what, the biggest thing I’ve learned is if anyone is trying to bring you down, they’re already beneath you and you should continue doing what makes you happy.”

It is not yet known if the British man was arrested.

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