THE city of Malaga has announced it will offer a free bus service to those affected by storm Gloria throughout February.

The free bus initiative is intended to help those affected by the floods and encourage consumption in shops of the district. 

The measure will affect bus lines L25 and L28 of the EMT and will remain in place throughout the month of February.

With this free movement it is hoped that all Malaga residents will be encouraged to go to Campanillas to make purchases and consume in the district businesses.

This measure was put into place on Saturday in order to enhance the recovery of Campanillas and to contribute to the mobility of citizens who have lost their vehicles due to flooding. .

Residents can therefore get to the city and the surrounding areas for free. The bus can be accessed without a ticket and without paying.

The L25 is the main line that runs through Campanillas and serves the city centre, with approximately 1.3 million passengers a year. 

Meanwhile the L28 serves the internal district of Campanillas, serving many urban areas.

It comes after Campanillas was hit by severe rainfall during storm Gloria and has since been given water bill relief while the clean up and recovery efforts take place.

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