A HUNTER has accidentally shot and killed a man during a hunt in Almeria.

The victim who was 45 years old died on Saturday evening, after he was shot in a Las Tres Villas farm.

The man who fired the shot was intending to shoot a wild boar but instead shot the man who was in his farm pruning some vineyards.

Emergency services were called to the scene to tend to the injured man, but they couldn’t save him.

Guardia Civil also arrived on the scene and opened an investigation to find out what happened, but the hunter voluntarily surrendered and explained the situation.

The shooter has been released for the time being.

The Guardia Civil however, are still investigating all the circumstances surrounding the event, including why the deceased man crossed the hunter’s path and the distance from which the shot was fired.

This comes after an Italian-Argentine expat had to appear in court for allegedly shooting a four-year-old boy during a hunt last year.

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