THE Government has ordered the withdrawal of five ‘vegan’ products because they contain milk.

The brand ‘No Cheese’ did not state that on the packaging that its items do contain dairy ingredients.

Cheese and onion pasties, and four different pizzas, are among the offending foods.

The brand’s products were sold throughout Mallorca, including in expat shop Nice Price in Costa d’en Blanes.

No Cheese Pasty Contains Milk
NASTY PASTIES: And pizzas were among the ‘vegan’ products withdrawn because they contain milk

The Department of Health has warned people with dairy allergies not to consume these products.

The exact products include: ‘NO CHEESE’ Cheese and Onion Pasties 360g, ‘NO CHEESE’ Houmous Style Sauce Pizza 284g, ‘NO CHEESE’ Mediterranean Garden Pizza 382g, ‘NO CHEESE ‘Italian Garden Pizza 382g and’ NO CHEESE ‘Houmous Pizza 284g.

An alert for the presence of milk in the products was made first made in the UK and was carried out by the European Network of European Food Alert.

An alert was made by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) that the products’ labelling did not state they they contain milk.

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