THREE officials convicted of assaulting a detainee who was handcuffed to a chair are requesting to return to work with the Policia Local in Palma de Mallorca.

In total, five agents were convicted of the crime against the man, with all of them losing their authority and status as officials for the attack at the Sant Ferran station. 

The man had been taken to the station after an alleged road safety incident. 

Security footage shows the arrested man receiving several blows and kicks to his face and body, resulting in injuries to his mouth and stomach. 

The recording also clearly shows how a police officer turns the camera away from the assault.

None of the agents served any prison time as they had no criminal backgrounds.

It is believed that the other two agents may also request readmission to their job role.

Rules allow agents to be reinstated on an ‘exceptional basis’.

If accepted, their police powers and weapons would also be regained, but each case will depend on the specific facts.

Convicted officers have previously returned to their jobs, however, none for beating a detainee who was handcuffed to a chair.

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