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7 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

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Photo 1555244162 803834f70033

The world is full of wonderful plates to die for. Sure, your regular plate of burgers and French fries is appetizing, but what about trying more daring options? You only live once, so you need to make the best out of this experience and try as many dishes as you can. If you are looking for foods that you simply cannot forgo, check out the list below for some suggestions.

1. Steak Tartare

The name can be a bit deceiving, so if you are expecting standard grilled steak, then you are in for a big surprise. Steak tartare actually consists of raw meat, but before you bolt out and make gagging noises, you should know it is one of the most delicious dishes in the world. It consists of chopped raw meat mixed with vinegar and spices, and this dish is traditionally served with onions and a raw egg on top. It might seem a bit too much, but you will not regret trying it.

2. Grilled Shark

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Grilled shark is the holy grail of all seafood dishes with its lovable rich taste and chewy meat. However, you should know that shark tastes more like meat than fish, so that is a good option if you do not like the taste of fish. You can prepare this dish yourself with an indoor grill. Yet, do not buy the first grill that you set eyes on; you need to read reviews to get the best value for money. The grilling enthusiasts at https://brobbq.com/best-indoor-grill-reviews/ recommend opting for a closed grill if you want a perfectly grilled shark dish. On the other hand, if you want your shark meat to be a bit crispy, go for open grills. No matter what you choose, this dish is going to strike your fancy.

3. Ramen

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No, we do not mean the instant variety you can prepare under five minutes. Real ramen can be a treat, especially if you mix it with veggies and chicken slices. Also, there are many vegan recipes on the internet that you can try. So you have nothing to worry about if you do not want to eat meat. On the other hand, for non-vegans, you can have ramen with boiled egg or even octopus! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the things you can add to this dish.

4. Raclette

Raclette is a Swiss twist on the traditional recipe of cheesy fries. This dish is quite simple, as it just consists of French fries topped with Swiss raclette cheese. However, unlike the traditional taste of other types of cheese, raclette is in a league of its own. To complete the dish, it is served with pickles and charcuterie. Lucky for you, you do not have to travel to Switzerland to try raclette because you can get the ingredients anywhere and prepare it yourself. Simply, you cannot miss out on the rich taste of raclette.

5. Dragon Fruit

At first glance, the magenta color of dragon fruit will make you want to try it. Dragon fruit is usually grown in South America, Asia, Central America, and Mexico, so you will have no trouble finding it in the States. This fruit tastes like an exotic blend of kiwi, watermelon, and pear. Do not be alarmed if it is not white on the inside, as the flesh can be red as well. If you care about the nutritional value of the food you eat, then you should know that dragon fruit is full of vitamin C and B, making it the perfect snack.

6. Sweetbreads

Despite their name, sweetbreads do not refer to a type of pastry. This dish is actually made up of the thymus or pancreas of animals like cows, sheep, or pigs. While the concept of this dish might not be appetizing, sweetbreads are known for their silky, buttery consistency and taste. They can be fried or grilled and served with mashed potatoes.

7. Pasteis De Nata

As a native Portuguese dessert, pasteis de nata packs a sweet flavor that appeals to everyone. This dessert is made of a pastry shell with a custard filling and cinnamon. So if you are a fan of creamy desserts, you will love pasteis de nata. Unfortunately, bakeries in the U.S. do not usually make this dessert, so if you are not traveling soon to Portugal, you can get the recipe online.

Trying new foods can be a scary experience, especially if you have only eaten traditional dishes all your life. Yet, with our list, you can definitely find your new favorite meal. So why wait? Try any of our suggestions now for an unparalleled experience. There is a whole other world of exotic foods waiting for you!

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