AN investigation has been launched into a man who allegedly raced a Spanish train at 220 kph.

The Guardia Civil launched the probe after spotting a video of the incident in Northern Spain on social media.

The driver is said to have posted the footage himself, with police saying it showed him driving recklessly, putting his life and the lives of other road users at serious risk.

IDIOT: Video shows driver reaching speeds of 220kph

It was recorded with a mobile device and showed a man driving on the A2 motorway in Zaragoza next to the highspeed line, with an AVE train alongside.

Guardia Civil officers say they have now identified a 32-year-old man as the driver.

The footage showed the speedometer of his car clocking up 220 kph at kilometre 314 on the way to Barcelona.

The speed limit was 120 kph.

During the recording, the driver can be heard boasting about the speed reached in relation to that of the train and can be seen overtaking other cars at high speed.

He is now being investigated for reckless driving endangering the lives of himself and other road users, and speeding at more than 80 kph above the permitted limit.

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