THE mayor of a town in Catalunya has resigned after admitting he has committed sexual abuse.

Eudald Calvo, had been the mayor of Argentona since 2015, but this morning resigned from office.

The 34-year-old was a member of the pro-Catalan independence party, Candidatura de Unidad Popular (CUP).

The party revealed yesterday that it had expelled the disgraced mayor from their ranks at the end of last year, after they had received information that he was involved in some sexual abuse cases.

They claim that they urged him to accept responsibility for his actions, but when he refused, they kicked him out.

A woman on Twitter accused him of groping her and touching her breasts without consent ten years ago.

In addition, she said that despite her telling him no and reprimanding him, he just laughed it off and continued to abuse her.

Another woman then also came forward on Twitter and claimed he had sexually abused her three years ago.

Calvo admitted that he had ‘sexist attitudes a few years ago.’

He posted on Twitter this morning confirming his resignation: “Yesterday I admitted to sexist attitudes in the past and I think that someone in a public office cannot have these attitudes.

“My resignation and my apologies are the least I can do.”

The former mayor has since deleted his Twitter account.

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