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Just as Mallorca’s property market was picking up after Brexit, coronavirus came along, writes real estate expert Amanda Butler

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TRY as one might to not focus on it, it’s impossible to ignore the coronavirus.

There is always a great deal of mis-information floating around on the internet and media when outbreaks occur, and although a mad panic is not required (or desired) the figures are concerning when compared to the flu, which many reports are saying the Covid-19 virus is comparable to.

So far the Balearics are low risk, with only six known people diagnosed with the virus, but no deaths, thank heavens!

But according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the Covid-19 virus is far more serious than flu. Whereas only 0.1% of people who get flu die, the coronavirus death rate is now at 3.4% based on current cases.

Of course, the ill and the elderly are much more at risk.

On a positive note, the WHO does state the COVID-19 does not transmit as easily as flu, so it does mean containment is possible.

One of the biggest messages to take from this is to wash your hands, and stop greeting everyone with a kiss or a handshake – perhaps the Asian hands clasped ‘Namaste’ is the best greeting to take up!

Best to avoid crowded places. If you start coughing and sneezing, turn away from anyone near you and sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve if nothing else.

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LUXURY: A villa situated in Old Bendinat on the MJC website

Call your doctor and ask for advice. Or call 112 and ask for advice. They will direct you as to how to proceed.

Nevertheless my personal opinion is that in Mallorca with a much less dense population and outdoor healthy lifestyles, I am hoping we won’t be impacted as much as other densely populated locations.

But the fact that travel is down substantially in the Balearics will not come as a surprise.

While tourism in Spain as a whole is only down 1.4% there was a far bigger drop in the Balearics showing a 26.7% drop in January compared to 2019.

With ITB also cancelled the Mallorquin travel industry is starting to panic. But then so are the rest of the world. 

Real estate market

With the start of March there is normally a renewed energy in the air in the real estate market, with Spring about to commence.

Historically this is when the market really starts picking up. Where the British market is concerned we had thought last year was bad, being left in limbo with the BREXIT uncertainty.  2020 started with renewed hope after the election and a firm direction for the Brits, sending exchange rates soaring.

So for all of the real estate agents and owners trying to sell it is seriously disappointing for another issue to come along, just as we were picking ourselves back up.

But this is Mallorca, and we always seem to remain relatively stable despite what goes on ‘outside’.

The real estate market still carries on. Viewings are still happening but at a much slower pace than normal.

We will all survive, but how this will evolve is anyone’s guess.

There will inevitably be victims along the way – with Flybe just being announced as one of the first.

So we now just have to keep as optimistic as possible. My personal advice is don’t jump into the drama, but be cautious.

Keep your hands washed, stay away from crowds. Yes there will be casualties, yes tourism and sales will be down, but this will abate, and life will continue. We just don’t know quite when that will be.

Best wishes from Amanda J Butler – with an holistic approach to real estate in Mallorca.

MJC Associates – +34 690075169, [email protected]

Amanda Butler

Amanda has grown up and lived all over the world, but settled in Mallorca more than 15 years ago. Originally from the UK, she is a well known figure on the island, having run successful property business MCJ Associates for many years.

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