A JUDGE who seized two journalists’ phones covering a court case, has been charged.

Judge Miquel Florit has been accused of five different crimes when he took the phones in December 2018 and allowed the police to check the reporters’ call log.

He made this decision because information of the infamous Cursach case was being leaked by the press.

The prosecution are pushing for the judge to lose his license for 42 years and to face a hefty fine of €43,000.

Florit’s decision to take the phones away caused a huge uproar with over 1,500 journalists signing a petition in favour of the right to information.

The former judge decided to take an early retirement on January 31, after it got approved by the judicial commission.

The Cursach case mentioned above, revolved around Bartolome Cursach, who was charged for bribery, corruption and coercion, as well as belonging to a mafia gang.

He faces eight years in prison, along with a 15-year ban from working in the hospitality industry, as well as a €60,000 fine.

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