AN ANONYMOUS letter has led to the dramatic arrest of a Spain-based expat with a history of seducing wealthy partners before burgling their homes.

The letter reading ‘get out now before it’s too late’ arrived at 48-year-old millionaire John Carey’s Essex home in November last year – ten months into a whirlwind romance with financial advisor Charlie McEntee, 49.

It revealed the stories of six ex-husbands, two ex-fiances and a former affair, all of whom had suffered a form of fraud or burglary, and subsequent accusations of domestic violence from McEntee.

Charlie Mcentee 1
PILLAR TO POST: The anonymous letter arrived at Carey’s Essex home on November 26 last year

“You and your family are at serious risk of losing everything,” the letter, passed to the Olive Press, read.

“She will lead you to believe you are the one she’s always dreamed of. 

“But she will never introduce you to long-term friends, as there aren’t any that trust her. She won’t introduce you to family for fear they will tell you the truth.

“It’s all a lie. She will not be making any money, the money she’s stolen will be running out, and she will be lining up the next victim, which is most likely YOU.

“Get out now before it’s too late.

“The dream she has you believe will end in a nightmare.”

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NOT TO BE: Millionaire property developer and accountant John Carey, left, with financial advisor Charlie McEntee, right

Carey’s calculated response has now ended in the first-known arrest of McEntee.

He first confronted her about the letter in November. She denied everything. Jumping on the first flight to Spain, he arrived at their rent-to-buy villa in Murla just as a removal van was leaving with his ‘beds, furniture, AV equipment, Apple TV and everything else’.

Cameras he had stealthily installed at his Essex home, however, caught McEntee allegedly ‘breaking the locks’ and stealing €11,000 of designer watches on December 7 last year.

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RED-HANDED: McEntee was caught on camera at John Carey’s Essex home last December

Essex detectives then arrested McEntee on suspicion of burglary after touching down at Stansted Airport from Alicante on Valentine’s Day.

Carey has also reported his ex-lover to Spanish police as she has not returned a €145,000 deposit on the €365,000 villa they were planning to create their futures in. 

It comes as the property developer and accountant has been acquitted for the second time from a Spanish court after McEntee made accusations of domestic violence against him.

“I want to expose her for who she is and what she is,” Carey told the Olive Press.

“She conned me into coming to Spain, because there would be no more jobs for her in the UK financial market after being fired for gross misconduct and struck off the FCA register.

“She’s very believable, a compulsive liar and fraudster. She’s professional at it. She’s had nine men over who couldn’t see through it – but I’m an accountant, she failed in going for me.”

It is understood McEntee had approached at least three financial advice firms on the Costa Blanca in search of work.

Emails passed to the Olive Press, however, revealed McEntee attended a disciplinary hearing at her previous Ipswich-based financial advice firm over allegations of ‘gross misconduct’. She allegedly sent private and sensitive client information to personal emails and told conflicting stories during previous hearings.

A separate email revealed she was still attempting to advise clients on pension investments as recently as February this year – despite having no FCA regulation.

Her own business founded last year, Lecrin Wealth Management Ltd, has no authority to give pension advice in the UK.

Carey’s intervention stopped the planned meeting from taking place, according to the emails.

He also located a briefcase in their Essex home, which he claims evidences the auctioning of stolen belongings from previous lovers.

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‘ASCOT CHARLIE’: Charlie McEntee rose to notoriety after a Sun front page showed her in a see-through dress at Ascot in 2002

“She’s taken everything I’ve got. Piecing together the puzzle of who she is has kept me alive over the last few months,” he added.

“After going through an acrimonious divorce, and now this, I think it’s time I go celibate and get a dog.”

McEntee’s lawyer Pellicer & Heredia told the Olive Press they would not comment while the cases are going through Spanish and UK courts.

A spokesperson, however, reiterated the law firm’s defence that any accusations are ‘lies’ and the ‘rantings of psychotic ex-partners’.


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