A MAN has turned himself in to police after allegedly killing his 35-year-old partner in front of his two sons in Valencia. 

After the deadly assault, the man, also 35 years old, confessed to the Civil Guard at around 8am today. 

The murder apparently took place at the family home in front of the couple’s children, in Almassora, Castellon. 

An investigation will determine whether the death of the woman is a case of sexist violence. 

If confirmed, the total number of gender violence deaths in 2020 will rise to 17 and will be the first since the state of alarm due to coronavirus came into effect on Sunday. 

Social services and local police are working together to arrange the care of the two children. 

The council has reiterated that the number 016 is in place for victims of sexist violence. 

This comes after an announcement that cases of gender violence could rise due to the new laws of staying at home. 

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