Coronavirus 1

COVID-19 in Spain does not attack men and women in the same way, a study has revealed. 

According to the National Network for Epidemiological Health, there are notable differences once one delves beyond the 51/49 male to female ratio.

When looking at the ‘median age’ of patients, in Spain at least, this seems to vary significantly between the sexes.

Among men, the average victim is 56-years-old while in women, it falls to 52-years-old.

Among the very few babies and children under the age of five diagnosed in the country, the virus does not appear to discriminate between boys and girls.

This however, appears to change among children aged between five and 14.

Up until March 20, only 11 boys had been diagnosed compared to 25 girls in the same age group.

The statistics also reveal that the virus attacks women more than men until old age.

As the years progress, the percentages between affected men and women begin to equalise until after the age of 65.

From the retirement age and upwards, the virus seems to attack men more than woman by a 7% margin.

There are now more than 33,000 confirmed cases in Spain.


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