AN 80-year-old woman in Navarra has been denounced by the police for breaking lockdown, possession of drugs and flashing the officers.

The woman from the town of Villafranca was stopped when walking down the street and asked why she was out of the house.

Her reply was that she was delivering some speed to her granddaughter.

The police then proceeded to search her and found three small bags containing the narcotic substance.

The officers made a denuncia, first for not abiding to the lockdown and secondly for the possession of the drugs.

The situation worsened for the octogenarian when she decided to lift up her skirt during the search and flashed the agents.

According to the police report she shouted, ‘here, look here if you want to’ and then proceeded to reveal her genitalia.

A spokesperson for the police revealed that the woman had no mental health problems that could excuse this behaviour.

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