A WOMAN has punctured the tyres of her partner’s car because he kept ‘leaving to play slot machines’ and she feared he would catch coronavirus in Alicante.

A neighbour called Policia Nacional after seeing the woman slash all four tyres on the car at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, in the Benalua area of Alicante city.

Agents arrived to find a couple of Chinese origin fighting at their home over the slashed car tyres – the man was bashing the woman with a shoe, while she was scratching him with her nails.

The woman, 39, told police she and her partner had arrived last week from Madrid but the relation had become ‘unbearable’.

She had he ‘frequently’ went out gambling, and was threatening to return to Parla, Madrid, where they have another home.

Over fears her partner would catch coronavirus, she punctured his tyres.

Both declined to denounce the other. They have been released with a restraining order in place.


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