THE Czech Republic has become the first NATO member to send medical supplies to Spain.

The Spanish government asked its NATO allies for assistance with combatting the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Czechs were the first to send help when a C-130 Spanish Air Force plane carried 10,000 protective metal suits from the Eastern European country back to Spain.

The aircraft, which also carried 90 respirators, landed at Torrejon air base in Madrid, with the supplies being distributed by the authorities.

Both Spain and Italy have requested assistance from NATO for medical supplies, but the Organisation doesn’t have any of those products and so passed on the request to each of its members.

Other countries have also asked for assistance, with Romania receiving a 45-tonne shipment of health aid with more than 100,000 medical equipment, while Italy received a donation from the US through NATO.

Ukraine, although not a member of the alliance, has also received aid as a partner country.

So far there hasn’t been any announcement from any other nation planning to send aid to Spain.

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