REAL Madrid players have agreed to take a pay cut of 10-20% due to COVID-19.

The Madrilenos players, along with the coaches and ‘main directors’ will take the pay cut in order to help the club in this troubling time.

Los Blancos said: “The decision to reduce wages was taken by players, coaches and employees to avoid traumatic measures that affect the rest of the workers.”

The Queen – one of Real’s many nicknames – said the move was ‘depending on the circumstances that may affect the closing of the current 2019-20 sports season.’

The pay cuts would help the club during the tough time it is experiencing, ‘as a result of the suspension of competitions and the paralysis of a large part of its commercial activities.’

The club’s basketball team has also agreed to take voluntary pay cuts.

This comes after Barcelona – Real’s biggest rivals – announced last week that their players had accepted a pay cut of 70%.

Real Madrid currently sit second in La Liga, two points behind their arch rivals, since the league was suspended in mid-March.


  1. Just looked at their salaries and just one of their paupers gets 10k per week, the average is around 70k-100k per week, with some earning 150k-400k per week, it’s unreal, just for kicking a ball around working ‘really hard’ probably a little out of breath for training & a weekly 90 min game, then back to slum it in their hovels. You’ve got to feel sorry for them, I mean their trophy wives will want their luxuries.
    They will no doubt save their oh so generous 10-20% pay cuts in reduced personal taxation, whilst their offshore tax havens won’t be touched.

    Location : T Wells

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