PEDRO Sanchez has considered setting the age limit for children going outside from next week, at 14 years old and not 12.

During his speech on Saturday, the Spanish Prime Minister pointed to 12-year-olds as the age limit for children going out from next Monday April 27.

However, during a video call with the regional governments yesterday, the PM hinted that he may consider setting the limit at 14 instead.

Extremadura was the first region to put the idea forward to Sanchez, because from 15 onwards, children are classified as young persons in Spain.

Castilla-La Mancha went a step further and asked for the limit to be up to 16.

The PM yesterday did not confirm that the final age limit has been set at 12, leaving it open for interpretation and alteration.

Sanchez also told the regions that more conversation on the matter needs to be had with experts in order to establish the ‘how and the who’.

The Government will address the topic closer when it takes it to Congress for approval, when it asks for an extension on lockdown measures.


  1. The rational part of the human brain doesn’t become mature until 25 years of age or so. And that is under good familial conditions. Until the rational brain matures decisions are unduly dominated by emotions, and often unconsciously. So, from the point of view of human development 12 years of age is ridiculous, as is 14, 16 or for that matter 20. And for the less-fortunate, not even after that, which is why societies have police enforced rules.

    Location : Asturias

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