A MAN has been arrested in Valencia after coughing in a police officer’s face and claiming he had ‘coronavirus’ following a supermarket brawl.

Policia Nacional agents were called to the scene in Ruzafa, where a security official was having trouble with a couple who had tried to enter ‘together’.

The official denied entrance to the couple, which led to an argument. When another shopper waiting in line to enter recriminated the 44-year-old husband, he squared up to the shopper and began pushing and shoving until police were called.

The man initially refused to identify himself saying he wanted his ‘lawyer’ present. He repeatedly challenged agents not to denounce him.

Eventually he showed police documentation via his mobile phone, and when agents came closer he removed his mask and coughed in their faces saying ‘I have coronavirus’.

The man was taken to a hospital for a coronavirus test, despite not showing any symptoms.

He has been released on bail pending a court appearance.

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