HEALTH Minister, Verónica Casado, broke down towards the end of a marathon meeting discussing Covid-19 and fellow professionals that have died from the virus.

She briefly paused her closing remarks, unable to continue, admitting the pandemic has, “has changed us all.”

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She was about to pay homage to the five health professionals that became victims of the coronavirus in Castilla y León, northern Spain, but stopped to apologise.

Veronica Casado 1
Health Minister, Verónica Casado

The intense and emotional meeting had already been going for two and a half hours.

After a moment to compose herself, she made a ‘special mention’ of Isabel Muñoz, Antonio Gutiérrez, Luis Fernando Mateos, Marisol Sacristán, and Yolanda Hernando – all experienced staff working on the front line against Covod-19 in the region.

“Comrades who have lost their lives in these weeks,” she recalled, “I’m sorry.”

Fittingly, a spontaneous round of applause came from colleagues in attendance.

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