A WOMAN has been arrested in Madrid for saying she was kidnapped but instead broke lockdown rules and went to a birthday party.

On April 14, the 49-year-old contacted the police in Colmenar Viejo and told them that she had been kidnapped at a bus stop in Madrid a day earlier.

According to the woman’s report, she was waiting for the bus to go home, when a man approached her in a car and kidnapped her, taking her to a property in Colmenar Viejo, approximately 30 kilometres outside the Capital.

She claims she escaped from her captor a day later and then contacted the police immediately.

The officers were confused with the inconsistencies in the women’s story and began an investigation to discover the truth of the matter.

They found that the woman had in fact travelled from Madrid to Colmenar Viejo willingly in order to attend a birthday party.

After the party she reported the fictitious kidnapping in order to have an alibi in case the police asked for a reason why she wasn’t home.

The woman has been arrested by the Guardia Civil on the charges of faking a crime and for breaking lockdown rules during the state of emergency.

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