A BRITISH expat on the Costa del Sol has announced he’s launching his own flip flop brand this summer.

BeachyFeet was founded in 2019 by John Lodge, 30, from Milton Keynes and Polish expat Jakub Sztyber, 25.

The business partners who live in Estepona were inspired by the beach and fashion culture of the Costa del Sol.

“We wanted to capture the essence of Spain in the same way that Havaianas represent Brazil with the flag and all,” Lodge told the Olive Press.

COSTA DEL SOL: Inspired by the beach and fashion culture of Malaga’s coast

“Our difference is that we’ve added embellishments and cosmetics, along with contrasting colours to our products.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the products themselves will be more expensive, as they cater for all people, costing in the range of €18-25.

The product will be available in all sizes for men, women and children, with sliders being in the picture for the future as well.

Lodge added: “I’m obsessed with shoes and when I’m in Spain, I spend all my time in flip flops and think we can offer something different to people.”

The brand is planning to launch online in August and will ship worldwide.

Beachyfeet Logo
WORLDWIDE: From August you’ll be able to purchase your flip flops from anywhere in the world

“Our office is in Marbella and at the start, everything will be online, but in 2021 we plan to be in retailers both in Spain and worldwide.”

You can find the brand on their website at www.beachyfeet.es, along with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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