RESIDENTS have been allowed to return to their nursing home in the province of Cadiz, after temporarily having to relocate due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

This morning, 28 residents of the nursing home in Alcala del Valle will be returning home, after spending more than a month and a half in La Linea following an outbreak of the pandemic.

The nursing home’s facilities were overwhelmed at the end of March, with the majority of residents and a significant part of the workforce infected.

The residents had to be evacuated, but are now slowly returning back.

Their relatives have been waiting for them in Alcala and gave them a round of applause upon their arrival.

However, the local authorities are keeping the elders at a safe distance from the town’s residents and that includes family members who are not allowed to visit just yet.

During the time that the nursing home has been empty, the town’s authorities have been renovating the facilities, including the plumbing, electricity and painting.

An isolation area has also been set up inside the home.

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