BOTH the number of coronavirus related deaths but also the number of new patients have risen slightly in the last 24 hours.

Similarly to every week, the numbers see a slight rise after the weekend, with the number of new deaths today rising to 176, compared to the 123 it was yesterday.

That takes the total number of COVID-19 deaths nationwide to 26,920.

Similarly, the number of infected patients has risen from 373 to 426.

The total number of patients who have contracted the virus in Spain is now 228,030.

Another positive note is the fact that in the last 24 hours, eight regions have reported zero or two deaths.

In the daily briefing earlier, the Government has not ruled the use of face masks as compulsory in public.

Spain continues to be the country with the most infected patients in Europe, followed second by the UK.


  1. As usual the government is overreacting, considering making face masks obligatory, why cannot government ministers think things out before stating silly ideas, just making them look like idiots?
    Firstly, to make face masks compulsory, they would be required to be issued free, secondly, how can people at cafes having a meal or a drink be wearing a face mask?
    Come on ministers, use your brains you’re getting paid to use!!!
    The 2-meter social distancing is the best method to avoid the virus!

    Location : Santa Pola
  2. Odd disconnect Robert L. The article clearly states “The Government has NOT ruled the use of face masks as compulsory in public” Governmental cowardice, in the face of a screaming economy, is bowing to the clamour for “normality”. In actual fact, the only real way to avoid infection is, to stay the f*** at home!

    Location : malaga

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