A BRIEF manhunt was launched by the police to track down an armed civilian who fired multiple gunshots outside of a church in Mallorca.

Frightened residents had called the emergency services after witnessing a man fire his weapon close to the Sant Alonso Rodriguez church on Plaza de la Iglesia in Inca.

Inside of their homes at the time, they had seen a man in his 50s discharging his rifle into the square’s surrounding trees.

Fearing that the bullets could seriously wound or kill a member of the community, the Policia Local were immediately deployed to the scene, finding several dead pigeons lying on the ground.

As the shooter had fled on foot, residents were asked to give a detailed description of the assailant.

Moments later, patrolling officers spotted an individual who matched the description standing next to a parked van.

Investigators say that as a result of his ‘elusive attitude,’ a search was ordered on his vehicle which uncovered a 22 calibre firearm with telescopic sight in addition to a haul of ammunition.

The man was swiftly handcuffed and taken back to the Guardia Civil headquarters where he has been charged with the illegal possession of a weapon and civil disobedience.

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