A 17-YEAR-OLD has been arrested in Toledo for the alleged murder of his father and a woman.

Sources from the 112 emergency service told Efe that they received a call late last night informing them that some shots had been heard.

A 38-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were both found dead at the property.

The doctor who examined the bodies determined that this was due to bullet wounds, with the man receiving at least two shots, one in the back and one on the right arm.

They both died before the emergency services managed to attend to the scene.

The Guardia Civil arrested the teenager for the murder at a Villajero de Montalban finca.

According to the Efe sources both of the deceased and the alleged murderer were all of Brazilian nationality.

The authorities are still unsure about the motives of the 17-year-old and are investigating the circumstances of the murder.

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