A MAN in Malaga has been arrested after robbing his local bakery hoping he wouldn’t get recognised because he was wearing a face mask.

The 55-year-old man entered his local bakery store on May 7, in the suburbs of Malaga wearing a face mask and threatened the worker who was counting the money on the till.

According to police sources who spoke to Malaga Hoy, the thief waited outside until the moment the worker started counting the cash and that’s when he decided to intervene.

He allegedly threatened her and got her to give him €500 from the cash register.

The Policia Nacional were then called to the scene and started their investigation.

Four days later, on May 11, the perpetrator was arrested, after the bakery worker identified him as a regular customer who would come to the store every couple of days and lived only a few minutes away.

The man was charged with the crime of robbery and sentenced to prison by the court, one day following his arrest, on May 12.

Details of his sentence and length of punishment have not yet been made public.

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