SPANISH research centres are working overtime in an effort to find a vaccine for coronavirus.

In a press conference following his meeting with the regional presidents this Sunday, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Spanish scientists ‘are in a position to begin clinical trials soon.’

According to Sanchez, Spain is participating in 10 different teams financed by the COVID-19 Fund, all of which are in the ‘preclinical phase’ of seeking a vaccine.

This places Spain in a position to create a vaccine ‘in a shorter time than expected.’

“Practically at the same time as large multinationals, or in some cases, earlier,” he said.

Sanchez highlighted that one of the greatest resources Spain has to combat COVID-19 is its scientific and research community.

Sanchez said Spanish researchers are a ‘source of pride’

Spain, led by the Carlos III Institute of Health (ISCIII), currently takes part in over 200 research projects including clinical trials for new drugs, the development of rapid tests and the detection of the virus in the air.

Sanchez said Spanish researchers are a ‘source of pride’ and highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong National Health Care System, considered one of the best in the world by the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, in the UK, clinical teams at the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group began work in January to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

This research team successful progressed to human trials on April 23.

Scientists from the Oxford Vaccine Group have said they could know within six weeks whether the vaccine trial will work.

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