A PENSIONER has broken his hip after being shoved to the ground by a teenager for not wearing a mask.

The 76-year-old was walking through Malaga city on Sunday when he passed a 16-year-old boy on the street.

The pensioner was not donning a mask and was less than two metres away from the boy when they crossed paths.

The elder man’s son, Cesar Suarez, claims the teenager became enraged and began shouting at his father before shoving him to the ground, breaking his hip.

“I’m furious seeing my father lying in a hospital bed unable to move and physically and emotionally scarred,” Suarez wrote on Twitter.

The victim underwent surgery for a hip replacement on Wednesday at the Clinical Hospital in Malaga.

Suarez said the operation has proven a success.

“Tomorrow they have to an x-ray to see how it turned out and from there, if everything goes to plan, he will start rehabilitation within a couple of days,” the son said.

Suarez said his father suffers from breathing problems, and is therefore exempt from wearing a mask.

But this did not persuade the teenage boy on the street who, according to Suarez, ‘threatened to infect’ his father and screamed at him to put his mask on before pushing him to the ground.

“He was lucky to fall on his side, because if he fell on his back he would have hit his head,” said Suarez.

“My father called me saying that a man had thrown him to the ground and that he thought his hip was broken.”

Police are investigating and trying to track the boy down.

“The boy will be on the beach with his friends and my father in a hospital bed,” added Suarez.

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