Where should I buy games online? Which platform should I use? Both of these questions are very important. Besides, if we can’t buy our favorite games at affordable prices, how can we enjoy them? 

There is no need to overpay something if you can pay less, and that’s why we decided to make a list for you of the 5 best platforms to buy video games. They are all safe, having excellent buyer protection, and offering refunds. Check out the list below.


A video game price comparison website that merged all games, from all platforms in one place and listed them from the cheapest to the most expensive depending on the available offers that can be found online. With one of the largest range of sites they crawl, be sure you will be able to find the best steam cdkeys gamedeal for you but also Origin games, Battlenet, epic games, gog and all platforms in general. You can find games for different consoles: PC Games, PS4 games, Xbox games, as well as Nintendo Wii games.

Prices are accurate and there if it changes, it’s instantly modified on the website. All the products they list are digital download products with instant delivery, users receive their game keys instantly, with a coupon code when applicable.

They strive to offer digital products at the lowest prices to gamers all over the world. At almost the same time, online gaming traders are getting the recognition they deserve. CDBayKey supports four major consoles: Playstation, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox 1. The consoles list and games are updated on the basis of future console upgrades to increase access to current consumer goods.

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Directly from developers

You simply can not beat the people who are making the game! When you decide to buy a game directly from a developer, you can be 100% sure that you’ll get the most secure product. This will also support their work, and that’s another good reason to buy directly from them. Is there a better alternative, really?

Let me help you with this. Here’s the example of how to buy a game from the company that produced it. Every game producer has its own game client. EA Games, which is a favorite to many people all across the world, has a game client named Origin. It’s very similar to Steam, but the difference is that Origin has only EA Games. 

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Here are a few popular games that you can buy with Origin: 

  • Need For Speed, 
  • FIFA, 
  • The Mass Effect, 
  • Dragon Age, 
  • The Sims

There are exclusive deals on Origin, and you should just follow or subscribe to their news, and you’ll get notifications. It’s not a rare sight when you can buy games for even $5! There are also some free games; you only need to stay patient. If you are still thinking is it truly the best way to buy games using this method, keep in mind that developers earn the most if you pay them directly. You’ll get the best product and service, so is there any more reason to look for another option?


This platform has all kinds of digital games, and it’s one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. It has all the popular games and at very low prices. It’s very hard to compete with them because they have some amazing discounts as well! 

Additionally, g2a.com has a unique affiliation program. Many popular YouTubers and streamers on Twitch have a partnership with them. Usually, their job is to refer their fans to check the g2a.com, offering a discount code. If you do this, there’s a good chance G2A will not just give you a percentage for every purchase, they will pay you even for advertising them. That’s another reason why this platform is so popular among both customers and advertisers.

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There are lots of other possibilities as well. In case you want to sell the games you own on the platform, it’s also available! G2A goes way ahead it’s competitors, as it allows the users not just to buy, but even to sell their games at fair prices. Because of that, you can find many different things on the platform, including CD keys, activation codes, full original games, etc.

G2A.com is known for its great customer support that they provide for the users. It can always happen that you are disappointed with your order. No worries, they have a strong security system, and you’ll get your refund for sure. If you’re looking to save money, then g2a.com is something you can’t avoid checking.


There’s no list of the most popular platforms that can exclude Steam. It’s definitely the most-known games retailer. On this platform, you can download and purchase every kind of game that comes to mind. There are many free games as well, lots of discounts and it’s still the most famous game-seller in the world.

The globality of Steam is a beautiful thing. It’s a rare thing to see a real gamer that doesn’t own a Steam profile. That being said, it’s effortless to connect and play with anyone you want. Being a massive online community of gamers, Steam allows it’s users to interact with each other, trade stuff, play together, and much more.


The best thing about this website is that all you need is a Steam account. You are not dependable on your machine. Even if you change your PC, you can still log in to your account and download it again. The platform also offers huge discounts over the year, and it’s hard to resist them. They have exclusive deals for almost every product of the platform, which is why they are so popular.


Gog.com (Good Old Games) is a website that distributes not just video games but also movies. Their primary focus was selling the old games, but recently they got some new products as well. The good thing about the platform is actually the Old Games part. There are many old games on the market that you would like to play again, but they’re simply hard to find, or not even made for PC. They solved that issue for you, and you can now play almost every old game you can imagine! All of their games are very cheap, and everyone can afford them. If you enjoy the old classics, this is the right choice for you.

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This website sells computers, mobile phones, laptops, and accessories for them. But, luckily for the gamers, they also sell games. This website offers physical and digital versions for all the big consoles: PS4, Xbox, and PC games at affordable prices. If you want to have a preorder, for example, Marvel’s Avengers, it’s durable as well.

In case you belong to one of the hardcore gamers, you may consider buying some of the game guides they offer! NewEgg is a great site for anything linked to games.


We hope this list will help you determine which of these purchase methods is the best for you. They all have their advantages, some are good for PlayStation games, others for PC games, and some even for both. It’s up to you to decide which of them suits you the best!

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