SIX Policia Local officers have been instructed to self isolate after arresting a violent man who tested positive for coronavirus.

The officers were called to a disturbance in Malaga city Thursday morning after reports of a domestic attack.

According to the official police report, the man was being apprehended for attacking his 12-year-old younger sister by biting her on the head.

He was transferred to the offices of the Malaga Policia Nacional and held overnight.

He began to display symptoms typical of coronavirus and was taken to a nearby health centre where he tested positive by PCR.

After the discovery the Policia Local initiated quarantine protocols on the six officers, some of which were involved in the arrest and some involved in the processing.

The councillor for citizen security in Malaga told Diario Sur that the force had prepared for such situations weeks before the state of alarm came into effect.

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