POLICE in Spain have broken up a gathering of more than 60 people designed to spread COVID-19.

Guardia Civil and Policia Local in La Oratava, Tenerife, kicked dozens of campers off of a closed beach after they had boasted on social media about how they were planning to spread coronavirus.

The 60-plus attendees on Los Patos beach, which had been closed due to recent landslides, had all been invited via social media.

“Over the past few days, Guardia Civil officers have intercepted groups of people on social networks planning a camping trip to Los Patos this weekend in order to help spread COVID-19,” local security councillor Narciso Perez said in a statement.

Dozens more had planned to come before police shut the gathering down.

The bizarre plot comes as the Canary Islands continues to have a relatively low number of cases, although it is seeing daily increases.

As of yesterday there were 376 active vases across the islands, with 62 being counted on Sunday.

Tenerife has seen the highest number of cases on the islands since the pandemic began, with a total of 1,642.

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