A TOWN in Spain has entered lockdown following a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Villamalea, in Albacete, has been ordered by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to confine its 4,000 inhabitants.

It comes after experts confirmed there was a worrying increase in coronavirus cases which points to community transmission.

On August 14 the town registered two cases, but that figure has now jumped to 99.

The region’s vice president Jose Guijarro said the lockdown was necessary ‘to contain and avoid contagion’ throughout Albacete.

According to the Ministry of Health, most of the new cases are asymptomatic and among the younger population.

Only one of the cases remains admitted to the General University Hospital of Albacete.

The lockdown means you cannot leave or exit the town unless it is urgent or necessary for work purposes.

The town’s bars have also been closed while all religious activity of any kind has been suspended.

No one can visit nursing homes and street markets are now prohibited.

Meanwhile, wakes can have a maximum of 10 people while weddings and baptisms and other similar events are no longer allowed.

Family gatherings have also been limited to 10.

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