A MAN was arrested for domestic violence in Valencia after attacking his wife and partially shoving her out of a window.

When Valencia Policia Local agents knocked at his door, he responded by saying that women ‘must learn respect’.

The 52-year-old man rolled up home in a drunken state at around 11.25pm on Tuesday night(September 15) and launched into an argument with his wife.

She threatened to call the police and he grabbed her mobile phone and threw it out of a window.

The intoxicated husband then started throwing items at his wife.

He proceeded to grab her neck and dragged her towards the window and pushed part of her body outside.

In a statement, the woman said that he threatened to kill her and would also do the same to her mother.

The victim escaped his clutches and ran out of their home as the verbal abuse continued before he was arrested by the Policia Local.

Agents discovered a knife that he brandished at his partner and the man told them that he ‘intended to use it’.

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