A SPANISH man is facing serious drug charges after turning the home of an elderly man into a sophisticated marijuana den.

Reports show that the criminal was given entry into the property to look after the elderly man’s beloved partridges after he was admitted to a nursing home in the village of Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, one hour north of Cordoba city.

It was shortly afterwards that neighbours filed complaints that they suspected marijuana was growing inside the property.

The Guardia Civil immediately noticed a strong smell coming from the house during their first visit.

After gaining permission from the elderly owner, officers entered the house to find nine large marijuana plants, along with sophisticated lighting, ropes and irrigation and a cover to help avoid detection.

All the equipment and the crops were seized, which were estimated to contain approximately 19kg of the drug.

The elderly resident informed the police of the identity of the man entrusted with his home and a warrant is now out for his arrest for ‘crimes against public health.’

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