SPAIN has removed the nationwide curfew from its state of alarm decree. 

The measure, which ordered all regions to install a night time curfew from 11pm to 6am (with some variations), will remain in place only for the 15-day period from when it was first decreed (Sunday). 

It means that from November 9, autonomous communities will have the power to lift the restriction if they see fit. 

The move was confirmed by the spokesperson for the Executive and Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, at a press conference Tuesday.

The minister said the Government solely wants to grant ‘constitutional protection’ to the 17 different regions and two autonomous cities (Melilla and Ceuta), so that they can bring in restrictions to fight coronavirus without fear of having them overturned in the courts. 

The curfew was seen in some regions as a death knell for the hotel and bar/restaurant industries.

Montero said she recognised that citizens are ‘fed up’ with the situation but added it is essential they stay informed and comply with the measures established. 

The Government rejected yesterday the idea of reducing the period of the state of alarm to eight weeks, put forward by Partido Popular leader Pablo Casado.

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