A CANINE robot has been filmed serving beers in the heart of Sevilla over the bank holiday weekend. 

Onlookers recorded the dog-like machine as it carried and served bottles of beer along the Cuesta del Rosario, in the Alfalfa neighbourhood. 

The four-legged device appears to carry up to six bottles of beer on its back and releases them to customers after receiving payment by card.

But after going viral on social media, the machine has caused controversy, with many people saying it represents future job losses in the services industry. 

Others mocked the robot, saying it looks as though it could easily slip and that in the summer months the beers would be warm by the time they arrived because the machine moves so slowly.

The business owner behind the machine is not known but the La Gitana Loca bar on the same street installed a robot server next to its indoor bar in June.

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