MALAGA province has handed out 24,645 fines to rule breakers since the declaration of the second state of alarm. 

According to Junta figures, accessed by SUR, the sanctions were mostly for not wearing masks or respecting social distancing. 

In fact the breaking of both these rules accounts for 23,525 of the fines. 

Given that the minimum cost of a fine is €100, it means Malaga province, since October 25, has handed out at least €2,464,500 in sanctions. 

Other big no-nos were ‘botellones’ (young people gathering and drinking on streets or in homes), accounting for 533 fines, while illegal parties saw a further 132 multas dished out. 

Meanwhile, people smoking on the street, on terraces or using hookahs, brought in 201 fines. 

Included in the 24,645 total are establishments, which received 53 fines for breaking capacity limits and 136 for opening past the ordained closing hour. 

But people seem to be obeying the new rules rather well, with just 35 sanctions for entering or leaving one’s town without a justified reason.

A further 62 people were caught outside during curfew hours. 

Only one fine has been issued for the irregular sale of masks. 

Have you or someone you know been fined since the declaration of the second state of alarm? Was it unjust? Contact

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