GRANADA province will see its harsher restrictions lifted as of midnight tonight, the Junta has announced. 

Andalucia President Juanma Moreno made the announcement today following his weekly meeting with the health experts analysing the evolution of the coronavirus throughout the region. 

“Even though it remains a very complex situation in which we cannot drop the ball for a single moment, I can announce today that Granada is to regain the same schedules as the rest of Andalucia in terms of mobility,” the Partido Popular leader said in a press conference. 

“From midnight, restaurants, small businesses and hotels may be open until six in the afternoon.

“The curfew limit will be from ten o’clock at night and the restrictions between municipalities will be the same as in other Andalusian provinces.”

With the exception of the 43 towns in the Granada Sur district, Granada province had been under stricter controls since November 10 due to its much higher incidence rate of coronavirus. 

At one point it had the highest rate of any province in the country with 1,280 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on November 3. 

That has now been lowered to 444 cases, or by 65%, with the number of hospitalisations almost halving from 888 to 488.

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