A REVOLUTIONARY wardrobe has been given the green light that has been recorded to eliminate all traces of COVID-19 from clothing and footwear.

The breakthrough furniture was created by scientists at Globaldena Aux based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and could potentially revolutionise the battle against the virus.

The wardrobe is designed to use a combination of ultra-violet light and ozone particles to eliminate the SARS-COV2 virus from fabrics as they hang.

According to a statement, released yesterday, the technology has been verified by the High Biocontainment Unit of the Animal Health Research Centre (CReSA) and the University of Barcelona.

“Whilst the results aren’t technically perfect, tests have shown that it eliminates 99.98% of all SARS-COV2,” said Cristina Lorca, Director of the CReSA.

The wardrobe works by exposing hung clothes to three stages of treatment that lasts 40 minutes.

Firstly, ozone is generated by ultraviolet light that saturates the fabric, secondly a fan distributes the cleansed air through the clothing evenly, the third sends a neutraliser through the clothing to ensure safety once the wardrobe is opened.

Developers have praised the breakthrough, citing its enormous potential for use in industries where clothing and uniforms need to be sterilised such as in hospitals.

It also has far reaching potential is clothing retail stores, reducing time of rotation, manual disinfection and ensuring the safety of customers.

The research also shows that using ozone cleaning techniques is a viable option to eliminating the virus molecules, therefore if safely used, could provide a breakthrough in future disinfection techniques.

Ozone cleaning refers to an unstable oxygen compound (O3) that reacts and breaks down substances that it comes into contact with, as is often used in industrial cleaning.

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