CAFES, restaurants and bars will still have to comply with strict COVID-19 rules over the Christmas and New Year period.

COVID-19 active cases continued to rise today to 71 in Gibraltar with 441 people now in self-isolation.

The Gibraltar Government has reminded caterers that permits to allow their venues to open after the lockdown still need to be followed to the letter.

There is a ban on organised or ticketed events as it could make social distancing difficult.

Live music of any kind is also forbidden and even background music must be kept ‘to a reasonable level’, according to the rules.

“Only eight people are allowed to share a table in a restaurant and gatherings should not exceed 16 persons,” the spokesperson said.

“It is appreciated that Christmas is a time for people to go out and celebrate with friends, family and colleagues. 

“However, strict adherence to permit conditions are essential to provide a safe environment for customers to enjoy their meals and to stop the further spread of COVID-19 in Gibraltar.”

The Government of Gibraltar renewed warnings about the virus still being in the community and the dangers to the elderly and vulnerable.

It asked the public to help the cafes, restaurants and bars they visit by making sure to provide contact tracing information and following the social distancing rules.

The Contact Tracing Bureau has been working hard to use this information to find those who may have been infected and isolating them.

“The best advice this Christmas is to stay at home and to enjoy the festivities within your social bubble,” added the Government spokesperson.

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