A TEAM of Valencian investigators has developed a system to measure the presence of coronavirus particles in the air.

Scientists from Valencia Polytechnic University, working in conjunction with Castellon’s General University Hospital, created a high-sensitivity biosensor that detects SARS-CoV-2 in atmospheric aerosols.

The device can be used to evaluate the air quality in enclosed spaces such as homes, classrooms, restaurants, cinemas and public transport.

A scientist looking through a microscope

According to spokespeople for the project, the technology is still in its prototype stage and the process has been financed by the regional government.  

Preliminary studies have been performed using particles that are similar to the virus but which are not infectious, successfully measuring the viral load in the air.

When the device detects levels considered hazardous to health, it emits a warning signal, thus successfully detecting the presence of the virus at critical thresholds.

The results of the research could then be used to draw up protocols to reduce risk of infection in enclosed spaces.

Spokespeople add that, with the arrival of winter, it is vital to guarantee safety in indoor areas. 

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