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Valencian scientists develop sensor to detect coronavirus levels in the air

The device can be used to evaluate the air quality in enclosed spaces such as homes, classrooms, restaurants, cinemas and public transport.

Spanish scientists warn of unusual COVID-19 symptoms, including testicle pain

Scientists warn the damage caused by COVID-19 could have 'a future impact on male fertility'.

Scientists create computer model to predict corruption in Spanish provinces

Interestingly, other risk factors for shady shenanigans include real estate tax, a housing price increase, bank openings and the creation of new companies, according to the study.

Malaga scientists determine how dogs became man’s best friend

Man's best friend was turned from predator to pooch thanks to climate change

Eight million tonnes of plastic ‘lost’ at sea each year

Most plastic dumped into the seas will never be recovered and may be hidden deep on the ocean floor

Spain’s quick fix solution to sexually aggressive bear

Scientists worried his exploits threaten the survival of the colony

Spanish scientists deny Louis XVI blood sample

The blood was supposedly collected straight from the guillotine

Scientists use baby poo in bid to make sausages healthier

Bacteria could turn sausages into a health food

Spaniards identify cancer’s ‘Achilles heel’

Discovery of ‘ghost’ cells could revolutionise treatment of the disease

Sub-par approval ratings for Spanish social institutions

Spaniards confident in policemen and scientists but unsatisfied with political parties, bishops and banks

Spanish scientists develop a robot sommelier

New 'electronic tongue' could revolutionise cava tasting

World’s first full face transplant undertaken in Spain

Scientists in Barcelona claim that the landmark procedure was a "success"




Here’s how people across Spain celebrated International Women’s Day

Hundreds of events have taken place across the country to celebrate International Women's Day. Protests have been held, with many taking place virtually or with...