ANDALUCIA will likely continue with its current coronavirus restrictions after January 10.

Vice president of the Junta Juan Marin said there are currently no plans to toughen the measures after they were loosened for the Christmas holidays.

It means unless stated otherwise, travel between the region’s eight provinces and from other autonomous communities will continue to be permitted past the planned end date of January 10.

It comes after the southernmost region was able to keep the incidence rate of COVID-19 relatively low and stable throughout December, despite loosening mobility restrictions.

As of New Year’s Day, it had the fourth lowest cumulative incidence rate out of all 17 regions, at 141.26 cases per 100,000 people.

“The responsibility shown by Andalucians has been exemplary,” said Marin, “We can have more peaceful holidays and visit our loved ones.”

He added: “Although the evolution of the virus is positive and we cannot lower our guard at any time, we hope that from January 10, we can continue to maintain the current situation.

“If the evolution changes, then, naturally, other measures would be adopted.”

Marin asked hospitality business owners for understanding, saying that any decision which impacts their sector is only taken ‘to save lives.’

“If we have to make decisions from January 10, then we will, but right now it is not necessary because the evolution of the virus is still positive,” he added.

The Ciudadanos regional leader rejected accusations of ‘chaos and improvisation’ directed at the Junta from far right Vox and the PSOE socialists.

“The reality is that the decisions made by the Andalucia government have been correct and I refer only to the data and the facts,” he said.

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