TWO Lithuanians have been arrested for running an indoor marijuana farm out of a rented home in the Denia area.

One of the men ran off when Policia Nacional officers staged their raid in the village of Jesus Pobre.

He tried to hide in the local pharmacy but was chased down and attacked the officers as they detained him.

The farm operators, aged 24 and 30, were denied bail after a Denia court appearance.

82 kilos of marijuana were discovered after the Policia Nacional were alerted to an address being used for criminal activities.

The window blinds were permanently down but air conditioning units were running all day.

Officers discovered sophisticated lighting systems in several rooms during their raid.

The rental charge for the property was nearly €2,000 per month and the men used false ID papers to obtain the lease.

Besides drugs and falsification charges, the duo are also accused of an illegal hook-up to the electricity supply and assaulting a police officer.

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