A MAN from Vilafranca (Castellon) is building a replica of the Great Wall of China around his home, entirely by hand, in his spare time.

Work began 20 years ago, and the wall currently measures two kilometres long by up to 2.5 metres high at some points.

Photo by Javier Ortí
Photo by Javier Ortí

Francisco Javier Deusdad Ros, 49, explains that the idea for this highly ambitious and spectacular project stems from his love for a primitive construction method known as pedra en sec (dry stone), invented by farmers in medieval times and which forgoes the use of cement or mortar, fitting the individual stones together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The heavy snowfall registered in Castellon Province over the last couple of weeks have afforded the wall a postcard-like appearance, and the ‘architect’ hopes to complete his work by the spring.  

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