CROSSING the Line: The drug made in Spain will horrify viewers with scenes when it starts this week.

The dramatic TV special delves deep into the country’s crime scene with shocking access to the violent cartles located in Spain’s most dangerous town. 

Spanish journalist Matías Prats hunted down police officers, judges and politicans for the show, which will air on Thursday (January 28). 

Travelling on the gangs’ home turf, Prats seeks to understand how the billion-dollar cartels operate and how they continue to evade the law.

Gib la Linea  e
La Linea

In the shocking new documentary, which airs on Antena 3 Noticias, viewers will meet some unsavoury characters, from underworld kingpins to their foot soldiers who enforce their decrees.

TV fans are also introduced to the drug producers and traffickers throughout Spain, with one interviewee comparing the city to Pablo Escobar’s ruthless Medellin cartel in Colombia. 

“The purpose of this special documentary is to address the problem of drug trafficking in the area,” said Prats. “A serious problem that affects public health and A business that moves 30 billion euros in Europe.” 

The show comes as 260,000 tons of drugs were revealed to have been seized in Spain in 2020, with more than 1,000 people arrested in connection to drug crimes in the last month. 

This is not the first time La Linea has been the focus of a hard-hitting documentary on drugs. 

Last year Netflix released action-packed miniseries, La Linea: shadow of Narco, with cameras following police officers in bullet-proof vests as they battle to take back control of the area – before finally busting the country’s biggest drugs gang.

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