THE third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in deaths in the Valencian Community with 38% of all virus fatalities coming just in January.

The last week has seen indications that infection rates may be beginning to flatten out, but mortality numbers are worse than ever.

The final seven days of January recorded 671 deaths, representing 13% of the pandemic total, according to regional health ministry figures.

Last month saw 1,827 deaths taking the overall death toll to 4,802 in the Valencian Community.

The upward mortality trend began on January, when numbers exceeded those of the peak of the first wave of the pandemic between mid-April and May.

Figures spiked still further since January 18, coupled with increased pressure on hospitals, especially in ICU areas.

The MoMo survey of excess mortality in the Valencian Community said that 11,470 people died of all causes between December 1 and January 29, with 8,488 aged over 75.

The analysis shows that 4,708 of the fatalities were due to the coronavirus.

The most vulnerable group are the over-80s which is in contrast to the most COVID-19 contagious age group being aged in their 40s.

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