TOURISTS visiting the Murcia region will get a free COVID-19 insurance plan from the regional government if they stay in ‘approved accommodation’.

Once a reasonable degree of national and international travel returns, the Murcia administration is very keen to get visitors back to help fill local coffers.

€500,000 has been put aside for the Murcia insurance plan which is claimed will provide support for 900,000 national and international tourists, including visitors from the UK.

A similar concept was launched last year in the Canary Islands to entice holiday-makers to come over by promising that they would not be out of pocket if they were struck down with the coronavirus.

Murcia’s Tourism minister, Cristina Sanchez, said: “This measure will help to improve the region’s image as a safe tourist destination.”

The government would pay health, accommodation, and transport costs for visitors that became infected during their vacation.

The payout would be aimed at tourists staying in ‘regulated establishments’.

Speaking to the Regional Assembly, Sanchez added: “The insurance would be a very important tool for people deciding on where to go on holiday. It would cover expenses caused by a COVID-19 infection, including extended stays for family members.”

The measure comes as part of an overall package worth €21 million to revive Murcia’s tourism and hospitality sector.

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